Community Workforce Strategy

The Ketchum Group (TKG) believes that economic development is built on a foundation of skilled citizens.  Local and regional economic development requires workforce development strategies that align government, business and education.  TKG will conduct workforce summit activities leading to outcomes that marshal resources and deliver a skilled and flexible workforce development system.  Extensive experience with workforce boards; chamber leaders; business leaders and education leaders ensures effective cross organizational planning.

College and University Workforce Development Strategy & Implementation

TKG will assist higher education to achieve a common language and open dialogue that is necessary to facilitate effective partnering between post-secondary education and the business and industry communities they serve.  Tools and techniques are available that produce educational services needed by the private sector and thereby build support for institutional leadership.

Government Agency Workforce Development Policy & Strategy

TKG will align policy initiatives in workforce development with best practices in career and technical education and workforce development including Registered Apprenticeship, the National Career Readiness Certificate and Structured On-The-Job Training (SOJT) necessary for addressing the increasing skilled worker shortage.  TKG will assist in communicating government agency workforce policy to business and industry.  TKG's extensive experience with state departments of labor and career and technical education systems will help you deliver results.

Attention: Apprenticeship sponsors. Successful apprenticeship programs require effective on-the-job training.  Journey workers and expert employees who are trained to produce error-free learning are able to improve apprentice retention and completion.  TKG is experienced working with Registered Apprenticeship, as well as grant funded initiatives. We can assist in developing successful apprenticeship programs built on structured on-the-job training (SOJT).  SOJT is the foundation of competency-based 21st century Registered Apprenticeship.

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