Why An SOJT System Will Make Your Organization More Efficient

Just like a well-oiled machine, companies can also be fine-tuned. Tweaking a car will increase performance, reduce the gas consumed and improve safety—and fine tuning a company can do the same.

Companies can fine tune themselves using time-honored structured on the job training (SOJT) techniques. This company calibration will not only increase efficiency in the organization, it can also improve overall customer service and employee satisfaction. 

Using structured OJT will individually tweak each selected employee to allow for  productivity gains; this higher productivity is a product of increased employee job satisfaction and higher task accuracy. Also, as a result of the increased job satisfaction companies experience lower employee turnover and a decrease in the time it takes to train a new employee to become operational.

The benefits of using structured OJT can be broken down into three categories: time savers, money savers and money makers. 

Time Savers

  • Decreased training times—including training times associated with high employee turnover rates.
  • Increased standardization and consistency, which means no need to duplicate work or fix employee mistakes and errors.

Money Savers

  • Reduction in errors and waste.
  • Decreased training times mean more productive working time—SOJT reduces training times by 80%.
  • Less absenteeism and lower turnover.
  • Studies have shown that SOJT costs 50% less than informal training when you factor in supervisor and colleague time investments coupled with better quality of work output.

Money Makers

  • Increased production via higher productivity from employees working harder and more efficiently.
  • Increased revenue from higher customer satisfaction.
  • Ability to easily comply with industry standards such as ISO—standards that can increase your customer and supply chain breadth as many companies solely deal with ISO compliant partners.

Implementing an SOJT solution ensures that your company is running in tip top shape—but there are some added benefits that are more difficult to measure in terms of ROI. This includes the ability to standardize and easily adapt to compliance rules such as ANSI/ASQC or ISO. The ability to comply with these standards is difficult to measure quantitatively—but the benefits of such compliance have been proven effective time and time again.

An important aspect of SOJT programs like the one at The Ketchum Group is the ability to effectively measure ROI from your training. By using the Kirkpatrick training evaluation method you are able to determine almost immediately what benefits you receive from your training sessions.

In addition the analytical tools provided can help you to determine which candidates would benefit from further training and which were born to lead your company to success. Being able to define and improve on natural talent only reinforces the benefits of SOJT.