Choosing the Best Job Training Program

When training new employees, it can be difficult to select the best job training program. There are many systems available which offer a variety of techniques and strategies for training non-skilled employees. At the Ketchum Group, we have helped many organizations train new employees through structured on the job training. When helping organizations find the best type of on the job training, we suggest using the following criteria. 


The best training company for your organization will be one that has experience in your vertical. This element is critical seeing that you will need the training to support your industry's compliance requirements and systems, for example ISO 9000 requirements for manufacturing companies.

High-Quality Instruction:

A quality SOJT training course will give you the tools to evaluate and select the best trainers and mentors in your company. The course should also have an instructor certification program that will train the selected candidates—a training with methodical implementation for predictable outcomes.


Successful SOJT courses will provide you and your future instructors the tools required to be successful. This will mean initial training, on-site and off-site contact, instructional CDs, etc.

The setup of your training courses should be simple and straightforward. The tools provided to you should be reproducible—and should easily be able to be replicated, as you may need to replicate them multiple times. You will be using these resources for years to come, so they need to be made of materials designed to withstand years of use.


No training is complete without quantitative data that proves ROI. The best SOJT training programs will give you the tools necessary to evaluate your solution. The most highly-prized and methodical method thus far is the Kirkpatrick Model. 


While SOJT is designed to be methodical, flexibility is still required within the courses with regards to both time and content. Your company's schedule may not be flexible—meaning your SOJT has to be. Your content should be customizable to your needs and also will allow you to work at your pace on your schedule.

Cost Benefits

The first thing that a SOJT training program should do is provide financial incentives to get involved. For example, a proper methodical course a) will eliminate the need for in-house instructor trainers, b) result in an immediate and marked improvement in productivity and work quality, c) improve customer relations through negating mistakes via training, d) increase job satisfaction levels, e) and reduce turnover and absenteeism.

The best SOJT training programs will provide you with the tools that you need to succeed. They will identify the candidates with the higher aptitudes, train them, and give them the tools and resources they need for continued success over the years. While the choice may be a difficult one, the Ketchum Group can help you select the best job training program for your organization.