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Our flagship product and service is the Structured OJT Trainer Course.

Studies show that 80%-90% of job skills are learned on-the-job. The Ketchum Group will train a select group of your staff to become certified as SOJT Trainers who then train, or cross-train, other employees in your organization.

SOJT is appropriate for all types of industries and organizations as well as all staffing levels. Our SOJT system supports all training and delivery methods, including classroom and internet training.

Attention: Apprenticeship sponsors. Successful apprenticeship programs require effective on-the-job training.  Journey workers and expert employees who are trained to produce error-free learning are able to improve apprentice retention and completion.  TKG is experienced working with Registered Apprenticeship, as well as grant funded initiatives. We can assist in developing successful apprenticeship programs built on structured on-the-job training (SOJT).  SOJT is the foundation of competency-based 21st century Registered Apprenticeship.


Our Structured OJT Trainer Course teaches your people how to set up and manage a structured OJT program, and to train your own OJT trainers how to ensure error-free work performance.

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